CTFO CBD Oil Products

CTFO CBD Products
CTFO CBD Products

CTFO is hybrid company that is part network marketing and part affiliate marketing. This is how the companies compensation plan seems to explain it from my point of view. When a company has a patent on something like a comp plan then you know it is different and this one is definitely different. The CTFO CBD is also different from that of other companies.

Personally I do not try to explain it, I just know it works and that is what is important. I like it! I can earn good commissions on the sale of the products about 30%, and make extra money from the network marketing portion. If you want to know more about the compensation plan I have included the video below. You can watch it and get a whole lot more out of it verses me trying to explain it to you.

I take it that you watched the 26 minute video above? You are now an expert and know everything about the comp plan. If at any time you have a question about how you can make money in CTFO just refresh yourself on this video and others that present this information.

CTFO CBD Oil Explained

The next video is my favorite. This is the 1st one that many people see and was the one in circulation the most. If you were to ask me questions about the CTFO CBD oil and wanted to know about CBD I would just refer you to the video below. Watch this short 3 minute video so that you will know exactly what CBD actually is and where it comes from. If you or me were to try to explain what CBD was  to someone we would probably just confuse the person. For me explaining what CBD is a lot harder then it is to just ask you to watch this 3 minute video. Sooooooo,,,, what are you waiting for,,,,, watch the video below!!!!!!!!

Do you see a trend here? Not yet?

Do you know what CBDa is? How about full spectrum and isolate canabinoids. One of CTFO’s top selling products contains these ingredients in them and it’s all explained in 2 minutes. Yes,,, watch it please.

Buy now you should know more about CTFO then you did 30 minutes ago. If you have watched all these videos so far you probably know a lot more then most people. This brings us to the last video that I want you to watch. It talks about how CBD oil is extracted plus where the hemp farms are. It’s nice to know that our products are grown and made in the USA. This is so important because some CBD comes from China and has been known to be contaminated with unhealthy chemicals. You can see this with all the issues and problems surrounding vaping.

CTFO CBD Hemp Oil Video

Watch this last video on CTFO CBD Hemp Oil products. It’s a great video and only 5 and a half minutes long. At the end if you like it hit the little heart on the upper right of the picture below.

I want to thank you for taking the time to watch the videos above. It’s easier to send a person to a page with videos on it verses spending an hour on the phone.  At the end of the hour long conversation people are totally confused.

CTFO will be giving you a company replicated website with some of these same videos on it when you sign up. These are part of the free program. CLICK HERE to see the opportunity website that you can send people to.

Here is another website that you will get that is also a great place to send people to. https://myctfo.me/ctfo101/

If you would like to have a website like the one here then I will work with you to get that done. You can have an ex-plainer page like this or have one made to what your specifications are. CTFO lets the Independent Representatives have their own websites and that is right up my ally. I build websites and I can help you build your own for under $50 a year. Or you can just use the free company websites from the company. I did build this site UK CTFO about a year ago and this is a new page I added on 10/09/2019. You can add to and update anytime you want to.

You should now know all about CTFO CBD.

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